By: Shannon McCormick, Media Relations Manager

I tell our our clients at MediaSource to always tell the truth, and I stand by that advice. But recently I found myself in the position of admitting to the Associated Press that I tell little white lies to my daughter at the dinner table.  Basically, tomatoes are my kryptonite.  I don’t eat them and don’t even want them near my food.  But since they’re such a healthy food, I will never admit my tomato hatred to my preschool daughter.

Shannon's biggest fear!

Shannon's biggest fear!


This was my secret to keep UNTIL a journalist asked for examples of parents who lie to their kids.  She needed a source and I was able to help. This certainly is NOT something I was seeking attention for.  It didn’t deliver immediate ROI for any of our clients, but it was a good idea.  Here are just a few reasons why.

(1) It’s not always about YOU. When PR pros pitch journalists, even with the greatest story, we are still asking them for something in return - coverage!  Relationships work best when they are a two way exchange.  By admitting my fibs, I was able to help a journalist while expecting nothing in exchange.

(2) It can build relationships. Not only did I fill a content need for the reporter but MediaSource also shot and delivered the high resolution photo which accompanied the article.  I believe this is a great relationship builder and an example to the media that we “get it” and we’re here to help.  

(3) It puts you in your experts’ shoes. We book a lot of interviews at MediaSource, but don’t grant many.  It was a good reminder to me of how the interview process goes and that sometimes there are awkward moments or questions. Basically, this was a good refresher course on how to prep experts for their best interviews.

Bottom line, some days at MediaSource we get our clients in the news...some days our staff is in the news. I had to move out of my comfort zone to do this but the only way to truly understand the news business is to stay on the front lines - even if it’s as a source.

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