In the ever-changing world of PR, every PR organization needs to evolve as our industry changes. At MediaSource, this is a marketing technique we use to make sure we stay dominant in the brand journalism industry. This is why our technology guru, Robert Leitch, will be taking on a new MS position, Content Technology Manager. Check out our Q&A below where I ask him why this new move is necessary. 

CO: How has the industry evolved & is your new role affect by PR industry change?

RL: MediaSource has always been on the advanced edge of trends in the industry. We’ve been using journalistic techniques forever but with the ever increasing use of owned media channels by brands, it is important for successful brands to dedicate time to their own media channels. It’s good to be able to really focus on what’s happening in the industry and continue to keep MediaSource as a dominant leader.

CO: Why are brands relying more on their owned media?

RL: Brands are using their owned media channels more and more because of increased audiences. Now, people are connected everywhere they go. There is the increased opportunity for engagement and feedback straight from who you are trying to reach. Brands are putting more and more value into this and we’ve seen an increase in online audiences with our clients. We want to stay ahead of this trend.

CO: How has technology has created this opportunity?

RL: Technology is not only more easily accessible but also less intimidating for the most part. A brand new piece of tech can come out and from the first time you pick it up you know how to use it already. If people aren’t afraid to use technology, it really opens everything up. It has broken down the barriers that have kept people away from this open communication, not only with each other but the brands they know and use, which is what PR is about.

CO: Are there any special insights that you will do in your position at MediaSource?

RL: A lot of people think it is a kids game to keep up with technology. Although I’m not a grandpa, I have seen a lot of things come and go, which is important. I’ve watched a lot of companies come and go, I’ve seen a lot of development and I’ve seen platforms rise and fall. I’ve been doing this a lot longer than it’s been cool to do it and I feel I have the ability to gauge what will be here to stay or hit the road.  We are working to predict the things that are in the future in this unpredictable world of owned media.


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AuthorColleen O'Morrow