We are so excited to finally have our newest team member at MediaSource. Kaitlynn Grady joins us freshly graduated from Ohio University as our newest Media Relations Assistant and we are so happy to have her on our brand journalism team. Get to know a little more about her in her first MS blog!

This post was written by Kaitlynn Grady, Media Relations Assistant 

If you asked me four years ago today what I’d be doing after I graduated college, I would have said that I’d be working in a newsroom. I had big dreams of seeing my name printed on the front page of The New York Times, receiving phone calls from mysterious “Deep Throat” characters and breaking the type of news that had life-changing effects. I had high, and, admittedly, entirely unrealistic expectations for myself, but I like to think that’s how I ended up sitting at my desk at MediaSource today. After turning my tassel from left to right less than three weeks ago, I couldn’t be more excited to be where I am now, surrounded by seasoned journalists and public relations experts doing what I love most. And, wouldn’t you know, there’s a newsroom right below my feet.  

My name is Kaitlynn Grady, and I’m a proud graduate of the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University, living in Columbus. During my time at OU, I took a proactive approach to my education, trying to glean as much hands-on experience in my field as possible. Through trial and error, internships, mistakes, accomplishments and lessons learned, I found my fit in journalism and joined the public relations charge. This wasn’t, however, without giving reporting a fair chance. As a three-year writer for The Post, the student-led newspaper on campus, I discovered the excitement of uncovering a breaking story and being the first to tell my peers; I learned my passion for storytelling and valued being able to give my classmates a voice. I even had the chance to try my hand in sports writing, traveling abroad to London, England to cover the 2012 Summer Olympic games.

My favorite experiences, though, happened when I was on the other side. Last fall, I combined my love of travel and storytelling during my internship with the Miss Universe Organization based in New York City, where I had the chance to live and work in Moscow, Russia for three months preparing for the 2013 Miss Universe Competition. There, as a public relations intern, I was able to work with reporters, contestants and talent from all over the world, helping coordinate press conferences and junkets, gallivanting across the city with journalists in tow, and tearing backstage to gather contestants for exclusive media interviews--all the while trying to avoid being sprayed in the face with hairspray. It was an experience that led me to grow as a public relations professional and helped prepare me for my current role at MediaSource.

Four years after I first discovered my interest in reporting and found my fit in public relations, I’m in a position that allows me to merge the best of both worlds. With MediaSource’s brand journalism approach, I can identify and find compelling stories, collaborate with journalists, and communicate important narratives, elements that lie at the core of both fields.

I’m eager to begin writing this new and exciting chapter at MediaSource--in AP style, of course.      


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AuthorColleen O'Morrow