We are very happy to introduce our newest MediaSource summer intern, Logan Trautman! She joins us from Ohio University and we are so excited to teach her the in's and out's of brand journalism. Get to know a little more about her in her first MS blog!

This post was written by Logan Trautman, Media Relations Intern

Considering the city of Pittsburgh is the place I call home, moving to Columbus for the summer in order to pursue my internship opportunity at MediaSource seemed a bit intimidating at first. Within my first day at MediaSource those worries were replaced with feelings of anticipation and excitement to start my new journey with the encouraging, innovative, and knowledgeable MediaSource team.

Throughout my first week as an intern for MediaSource’s media relations team I have already been given the opportunity to sit in on client meetings as well as internal staff meetings. Beyond that I have learned that I will be assisting with tracking for our clients, researching current and upcoming stories, drafting social media posts for MediaSource, and more advanced tasks such as pitching to the client and interacting with them directly. 

I first ventured to Ohio after high school graduation to attend Ohio University in order to study journalism, specifically news writing. After joining a variety of extracurricular organizations that enabled me to get a taste of the public relations world, I soon realized that PR was field I wanted to turn into a career. I now voluntarily work in the public relations offices for the Athens County Humane Society and the Athens Conservancy while at school. I am graduating next May, with a major in strategic communications and a minor in marketing.

Upon leaving this internship I am confident I will have gained more knowledge from the MediaSource family than I ever could have hoped for. Their brand journalism techniques are innovative, and I am fortunate to be able to work so closely with the experts that are creating the movement. This internship is providing me with the experience I will need to fully succeed in the communications field.


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