For more than 15 years we have been practicing strategic storytelling for our major healthcare clients. Our president, Lisa Arledge Powell, one of the nation’s top experts on brand journalism, led a session about this PR trend at the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) National Health Academy and launched our new “Brand Journalizer” song.

Her presentation with our longtime client The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center revealed how brand journalism tactics created so much buzz and online traffic that it crashed the hospital’s website.

The PRSA event is also the world premiere of Brand Journalizer song, created by our savvy content team in the spirit of “Schoolhouse Rock,” to help PR professionals better understand the principles of effective brand journalism.    

This song is our most recent edition to our educational/expertise launch on brand journalism and we incorporated our famous Brand Journalizer Criteria:

1. Focus on the AUDIENCE: Always consider what the audience cares about and how they will benefit. It’s not about the organization’s brand, it’s about the organization’s audience.

2. Find a VOICE: Find a real person and tell the story through their eyes.

3. Be CREDIBLE: Seek tie-ins into a national trend or bigger picture. Integrating third party stats/facts bolsters credibility.

4. Keep it SIMPLE: No ‘technical talk’-find an expert who can speak the consumer’s language.

5. Think VISUAL: The most memorable stories deliver engaging visual content.

6. UN-BRAND your content: Brand journalism is not brand-centric, but a brand journalist’s job includes figuring out how to seamlessly weave in a brand presence.

Without further adieu, our brand journalism team would like to present our new "Brand Journalizer" song:


Follow our criteria and it will allow you to turn marketing messages into compelling “brand journalized” content that appeals to your target audience and can be shared across multiple platforms! 


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AuthorColleen O'Morrow