Last summer our brand journalism team had an awesome Content when we had the opportunity to hire him, we jumped on it! We are excited to welcome Sal Melaragno as our Digital Media Assistant! Get to know him better in his first MediaSource blog!

The following blog was written by Sal Melaragno, Digital Media Assistant

Five years ago when I started my college career I did not have any idea what I really wanted to do with my life.  What I did know is that I had great respect for people who worked in the film and media field; being able to take their creativity and apply it to something professional.  Initially, I did not have any experience in the field; however it was when I revisited Martin Scorsese’s 1976 masterpiece, Taxi Driver, that I had my “ah-ha” moment and decided to pursue a career in film and media. After taking an Introduction to Film class, I finally found my niche and decided to move forward.  Anyone getting into the film and media industry knows that there will be some struggle along the way, but it was in the Summer of 2013 that it all clicked for me.  

While attending Bowling Green State University where I majored in film production and telecommunications, I knew I needed an internship in order to graduate so I would not end up delivering pizzas my whole life.  Ironically enough, I delivered pizzas to a company one day and inquired about an internship position.  It was a few weeks later that I had joined the company (which turned out to be MediaSource) as a summer intern.  It was during this period where I found out that choosing this career path did not have to be a struggle. Working with MediaSource showed me that there are many possibilities in the field that does not necessarily mean I needed to go to New York or Hollywood to earn a good living.  I could have an audience right in my own hometown.  It was also interesting because most of my family works in the medical field, which is where a lot of MediaSource clients and stories come from, so I began to feel like my future was all falling into place.

When I graduated from Bowling Green State University, I don’t think there was ever a question where I would apply.  Interning with MediaSource was such a good experience for me. The staff made me feel so welcomed that I wanted to come back and reconnect with everyone.  I chose to apply at MediaSource because of the amazing staff and the consistent workload the company offers.  It was when I got hired on as a member of the content team that I looked forward to my future instead of being worried about the unknown path this field would lead me in.  Now that I have started, I realize I have a lot of things to look forward to: Learning new and innovative ways of seeing a story as well as new ways of portraying it to an audience.  Looking back, delivering pizzas was the best thing I could’ve done to direct me into my field and into such a creative company. Now, I am only looking forward to what unfolds next.


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