The surprise American Dairy Association Mideast 2014 butter display at the Ohio State Fair was revealed today! The sculpture, along with the famous butter cow and calf, portrays 15 intricate state symbols that showcase the character of Ohio. 


In the spirit of dairy fun, our Media Relations Intern, Logan Trautman, compiled a list of everyone on our brand journalism team with themed dairy names. Check out her amoooooosing list!

MS Team Gets Their Dairy On!

The following is written by Media Relations Intern, Logan Trautman.

The American Dairy Association Mideast butter cow is making moo-ves! What butter way to get into the butter cow state of mind than to use some dairy themed names around the office!

MoodiaSource staff:

Clark and Lisa Powell---Clark and Lisa Cowell

Shannon McCormick---Shannon McCormilk

Kevin Volz---Cowvin Volz

Logan Trautman---Logan Trautmooooon

Kaitlynn Grady---Calflynn Grazy

Colleen O'Morrow---Cowleen O’Moorow

Markita Briggs---Milkita Briggs

Tyler Davis---Ty-herd Davis 

Erin Golden---Erin Bull-den

Jerred Ziegler---J-udder-d Ziegler

Robert Leitch---Robutter Leitch

Rocky Sanguinetti---Rockyroad Sanguinetti

Sal Melaragno---Sal Melaragmoo

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