With brand journalism as communication’s new buzz word, everyone wants to learn how to be a brand journalist. We’re fortunate that MediaSource has one of the industry’s most respected and experienced brand journalists on staff leading the way.


MediaSource’s co-founder and Vice President Clark Powell is responsible for overseeing brand journalism content strategy and storytelling for some of the nation's top academic medical centers. He has 30 years of experience as a storyteller for news media outlets and now for brands.

Clark’s latest piece of brand journalism is a true medical breakthrough, featuring the innovation that allowed a paralyzed man to move his hand using his own thoughts.


As the brand journalist for The Ohio State Wexner Medical Center, Clark followed the patient Ian Burkhart and his doctors for weeks, gaining more access to story than any journalist with a news media outlet. Clark’s compelling story was so highly respected that major national and international news outlets like NBCNews.com and the UK’s Daily Mail featured Clark’s multimedia story on their websites -- exactly as he reported it. Views hits through click-through links below:



How is Clark able to turn brand journalism into content that is featured on a major media outlet? He learned to be a great storyteller during his 15 years as a news reporter and anchor at local television stations from Oklahoma to Ohio. He was also tapped by NBC to cover stories for its network and was featured on NBC stations from coast to coast. His innovative storytelling even won him the prestigious honor of Associated Press Writer of the Year.

Clark’s journalism background combined with his natural writing and storytelling talents plus his 15 years in public relations equals brand journalism success.

If you want to be a brand journalist, Clark is who you want as your teacher. Stay tuned with our blog as we feature Clark’s brand journalism storytelling and writing tips in the future.


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AuthorColleen O'Morrow