Our MediaSource team LOVES this time of year...we get amazing new interns! Our newest media relations intern, Kaitlyn Ambrose, joins us from The Ohio State University. We can't wait to see what this semester holds with her on our brand journalism team!

The following blog is written by Kaitlyn Ambrose, Media Relations Intern

With my senior year at The Ohio State University in full swing, it goes without saying that my life has been nothing short of a whirlwind. Between balancing classes, working for The PRactice (Ohio State’s student-run PR firm), and interning for MediaSource this fall, senior year is living up to its reputation of being crazy- but in a good way. Being on the brink of entering the professional world and starting my career is an intimidating thought; but I am confident that through my internship experience with MediaSource, I will be better prepared for my first job after graduation.

At the beginning of my college career, I wanted to pursue a career in sports public relations and dreamt of working for the NHL after graduation. I landed an internship with the Columbus Blue Jackets, who works closely with Nationwide Children’s Hospital, and after a few months of working with past patients, I realized that I had a passion for all things health care. Learning about MediaSource at the 2014 PRSSA Regional Conference, and listening to Lisa Arledge Powell speak about their trademark technique of brand journalism, has further inspired me to pursue a career in health care public relations.

With this being my first agency internship, I was a little nervous at first; however, after only a few minutes of being at MediaSource, I already feel like a part of the team. Every member of the team has made me feel at home and they’re eager to teach me the ropes of agency life. I have quickly learned that MediaSource is no ordinary agency: interns are actively involved in the day-to-day work and aren’t just making copies or grabbing coffee. This is truly a unique opportunity and I hope by the end of the semester, I can call myself a “brand journalizer”. As a Professional Writing minor, I have always loved writing and I cannot wait to learn more about brand journalism and how this distinctive way of writing sets MediaSource apart from other agencies.

Public relations is something that has always been near and dear to my heart because you get to work with people every day. Interacting with clients, learning about what they need, and figuring out a way to deliver amazing results is something that I want to be doing for the rest of my life. I’m so excited to be a part of a group that shares the same enthusiasm as I do and I’m confident that I will learn a tremendous amount over the next few months and leave with a great deal of invaluable experiences.

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