Our brand journalism team is so excited for our amazing set of interns this fall. From The Ohio State University, Mary Stankiewicz joins us as our media relations intern! Get to know more about Mary in her first MediaSource blog.

The following was written by Mary Stankiewicz, Media Relations Intern

Growing up I never knew what I wanted to do. I went through the teacher phase, the doctor phase; I even wanted to be a pharmacist at one point (although I don’t think I even knew what that was). For a long time in high school, I was set on journalism. But by the time I was choosing where to go to college, I was back to having no idea what I wanted to do with my life.

Once I stumbled across public relations, I knew I had found a career that matched my needs. Something fast-paced that deals with people and words; I was excited to discover the opportunities that were waiting for a young PR professional in Columbus.

In addition to classes and joining several PR-related organizations on Ohio State’s campus, I began interning. I have interned with the Ohio Water Environment Association, the Ohio Machine, SBC Advertising, and I am now beginning my fourth internship with MediaSource’s media relations team.

Each experience I have had so far as been different in so many ways, and that is exactly what I love. I chose to spend this semester learning from the talented staff at MediaSource because I knew the experience I would have at this company would be unlike anything I’ve done so far. I’m excited and honored to have a chance to learn about Brand Journalism and Media Relations from such a successful organization.

I will be graduating this May with a degree in Strategic Communications and a minor in professional writing. I am confident that what I will learn at MediaSource this fall will carry me far in my career, wherever I may end up.

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