If you love social media, you probably already know what celebrity you’re most like or what your favorite food says about you. There’s no doubt that you’ve taken at least one online lifestyle quiz! 

Quizzes are a great way to create lifestyle content that relates back to your brand. Lifestyle content includes listicles, quizzes and other non-traditional copy. At MediaSource we use quiz creation for our clients (and sometimes our brand) as brand journalism lifestyle content. Quizzes are perfect if you’re looking for an engaging, non-traditional way to promote your brand.

Lifestyle content for PR is a chance to have fun. A quiz lets you associate your brand with something engaging, such as a movie or iconic character. Some quizzes allow you to quiz your audience on a variety of topics, which can relate to your brand message. For inspiration, look at examples such as the quiz we created with Orlando Health (Can You Guess the Healthier Halloween Candy?).

Sites like Buzzfeed and Playbuzz now make it possible for brands to become savvy quiz-makers. Quizzes take less than five minutes to play, but the creation process takes far more time and strategy. We always address these factors before we start on quiz creation for a client:

  • What is the goal of this quiz? (What is a “win” for the client or your brand?)
  • Does the quiz work as supplemental material with another story or placement we’re working on? (See how we incorporated the Halloween candy quiz into this U.S. News & World Report placement we coordinated for Orlando Health)
  • Will consumers want to take this quiz? 
  • Will consumers want to share their results? Will it pick up well on social media? 
  • Will the quiz meet the goals originally set?

Treat quizzes like a typical PR project, but have a little fun with it! Take our latest client quiz, Can You Guess the Healthier the Halloween Candy? 

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AuthorColleen O'Morrow