As we approach the Columbus Business First Best Places to Work awards banquet this week, our brand journalism team reminisces on why we love MediaSource! Last week our Media Relations Specialist, Kristina Feduik, explained her experience at a "BPTW". Today, hear from our Brand Journalism Coordinator, Kevin Volz! 

By Kevin Volz, Brand Journalism Coordinator

For the explanation of why I love MediaSource, you’ve got to go all the way back to 2010, the year I started my internship here. I was a senior in college, wide-eyed and unsure of where my future was going to take me. I had no idea as I walked through the door of 1800 W. 5th on that September day that I literally was walking into my future.
I knew very little and didn’t try to pretend otherwise. I really was a blank canvas, a piece of clay to be molded. And mold me MediaSource did. The first thing I was asked on day one was what I wanted to do, what I was interested in. All I knew was that I liked numbers and watching the ways that media relations could change the public’s perceptions. Pretty different from the standard “I love press releases and social media” that you hear all the time. Lucky for me, I had walked into an agency that thrives on the anything-but-standard and the unique strengths of the individual.
My time at MediaSource has turned me into a media analysis machine. These skills had been there all the time, they just needed to be unleashed and harnessed to tell the right story.  I have the support of management to try new things and take new risks. I lead projects and train new employees. I’ve gone from the new kid to one of the veterans, but still MediaSource has never stopped asking me what I want to do next, and my growth does not stop.
That’s why I love where I work so much – we are ahead of trends, never behind. No idea is too crazy, no goal too high. I think that’s how everyone should feel at work; challenged, determined and rewarded for hard work. I work with the best of the best in the industry and learn from them each day. Not to mention we throw a pretty mean MediaSource party.

MediaSource is a media relations and content production firm that specializes in brand journalism tactics. From news media coverage to consumer video tactics, MediaSource partners with the nation’s top hospitals and corporations to get their message to targeted audiences. MediaSource is best known for delivering brand buzz by amplifying messages across both earned media and company-owned media channels.


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