Consumers are becoming less and less engaged with traditional marketing tactics, such as writing about your brand’s name or product. New tactics such as brand journalism encourage brands to focus on the audience and un-brand content, which has resulted in major PR payoffs. All marketing pros need to know how to discover and create a compelling story. This includes writing content in a variety of ways.  

The three most relevant marketing writing styles include:   

1. News/brand journalism style
2. Lifestyle writing style
3. Expert blogs written in first person 

Our president, Lisa Arledge Powell, explains when it is best to use these three writing styles and the impact they can have on your PR results on The Outreach Marketer.


MediaSource is a media relations and content production firm that specializes in brand journalism tactics. From news media coverage to consumer video tactics, MediaSource partners with the nation’s top hospitals and corporations to get their message to targeted audiences. MediaSource is best known for delivering brand buzz by amplifying messages across both earned media and company-owned media channels.


AuthorColleen O'Morrow