The beginning of every semester is always an exciting time for our brand journalism team...We gain new interns! We choose the best and brightest to intern with our team and we are excited to welcome Alecia Frankart! Alecia is working with the media relations team this semester and graduating from The Ohio State University in May. Learn more about Alecia in her first MediaSource blog!

The following blog is written by Alecia Frankart, Media Relations Intern

Unlike most people who spend their college years switching majors and trying to find out what exactly it is they want to do, I was one of the lucky few that figured it out pretty quickly. I always knew I wanted to attend The Ohio State University, but I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do once I got there. I quickly found my niche in my first communications class. After my first year at Ohio State I declared myself as a communications major and quickly realized I wanted to be the next PR pro. 

The next stop on my journey to becoming a PR pro is interning with the incredibly knowledgeable and forward-thinking professionals at MediaSource. MediaSource is allowing me to gain experience I never thought I would have before entering the work force full-time. I’m still in my first month at MediaSource and I’ve been able to create pitches, distribute pitches, work directly with reporters, track the success of pitches and work first-hand on MMR’s. I’ve been able to combine my love for PR and creative writing by writing some really unique pitches. Who knew you could find way to relate snoring and Valentine’s Day to one another?

In my time away from MediaSource I work, go to school and have another internship. In my free time I’m a social media junkie who enjoys binge watching the newest show on Netflix and spending time with my family.

I feel so fortunate to be working alongside professionals who are paving a new way in the PR world. When I graduate in May, with my strategic communications major and business minor, I feel confident that because of my internship at MediaSource I will be prepared to succeed anywhere in the communications field.

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