We have a great group of interns on our brand journalism team this summer. Allie Loughry joins us from The Ohio State University as our media relations intern! Get to know more about her in her first MediaSource blog.

By Allie Loughry, Media Relations Intern

I grew up in a family dominated with health care professionals, meaning Thanksgiving dinner was a competition of who had the craziest ER story. I chimed in when I could, but I felt out of my element. Despite my lack of experience in medicine, I’ve always felt a connection with the health care industry. This is why MediaSource resonated with me.  As I was researching the various companies the night before an Ohio State career fair, I knew MediaSource would be my first stop. I admired their innovative approach to PR (and their numerous awards didn’t hurt either). 

I was nervous to start at MediaSource, mainly because it was different from what I’ve done before, but that’s also what makes it so exciting. My college career has been dedicated to Ohio State. I’ve interned with the university over the summers, I have worked for the university during the school year, and I’ve been involved with university organizations since day one. I’m very comfortable with the university lifestyle, which is exactly why I decided to come to MediaSource. I was looking for a different experience, and I am thankful have the chance to
work with this agency. 

On my first day here, I heard buzz words and concepts we studied in class. But instead of definitions and test questions following these words, it was clients’ names and projects and real situations instead of hypothetical ones. I was excited to learn that the hours of lectures and studying applies to work outside of the classroom. But more importantly, I’m excited to experience this company and field from a hands-on perspective and put what I’ve learned during class in motion.

Any student will tell you the typical response to “Tell me about yourself” follows this formula: “My name is Allie, and I’m a senior from Hudson, Ohio. I’m majoring in Strategic Communications with a minor in Professional Writing.” This response is great when meeting 50 new people at a meeting, yet it overlooks a lot of ‘meat and potatoes’ of who we are.

I’m a learner, meaning I won’t stop searching until I know the answer to a question (Wikipedia is the first app on my phone for easy access). I’m looking forward to learning everything I can this summer and am grateful for this opportunity. 

MediaSource is a media relations and content production firm that specializes in brand journalism tactics. From news media coverage to consumer video tactics, MediaSource partners with the nation’s top hospitals and corporations to get their message to targeted audiences. MediaSource is best known for delivering brand buzz by amplifying messages across both earned media and company-owned media channels.  



AuthorColleen O'Morrow