We are so excited to welcome an amazing group of interns this summer! From content, to media relations to media measurement & analysis, all interns are learning each piece of our brand journalism process. As MediaSource is expanding and growing, this is the largest group of interns that we've had! In our introduction series, get to know more about each of our summer interns. Learn more about our summer Media Measurement & Analysis Intern, Viv Le, in her first MediaSource blog!

By Viv Le, Media Measurement & Analysis Intern

My passions have always fallen in the field of connectivity and storytelling, and that is one of the main reasons I am a strategic communications student at The Ohio State University. I believe the connection of people and ideas is what leads to innovative solutions and change. I believe that stories are what motivate and inspire people to create. Lucky enough, I found that my passion falls along the lines of MediaSource’s mission. In addition, I’ve always wanted to dabble within news media and public relations and my internship with MediaSource allows me to do both.

In high school, I discovered the excitement of writing and telling stories to a captivated audience through radio, television, and theater and that experience encouraged me to pursue my field of work. Throughout college, I’ve wanted to be everything from a news journalist to a political campaign director to an artist to an entrepreneur. Although I knew I wanted to be in the public relations and creative industry, I never knew what career I truly wanted. This led me to work in radio, television, studio art, political organizations, magazine publications, and a PR firm. It’s been a whirlwind but I’m so happy that my indecisive journey led me here because I am slowly beginning to find out where my true niche is.

My first day at MediaSource was an intern orientation briefing us on the philosophy behind the company. I felt inspired and humbled by the message and work of the company. Something about a small group of people working and creating such positive and organic material and sharing it with a vast national audience is amazing. As a past aspiring journalist, I deeply appreciate the honesty and stories that MediaSource provides to mainstream media. It makes me even more delighted to be joining the team for the summer.

Although we do have a family environment and Summer Fridays here, I realized that my internship role in media analysis and measurement was going to be very technical, hands-on and rigorous. My past internships have mostly been marketing so I’m used to networking, event planning, and working with social media and web design but this is completely different. I’m so excited and nervous to be doing something new and I know this analytical work will be valuable for my future. It’s just the type of experience I needed before graduating. I am so thrilled to be trying something new, gaining this rich experience, and joining the team at MediaSource.

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