Our content production team is full of awesome interns this summer! Find out more about our Content Production Intern, Christopher Davis, in his first blog on the brand journalism team. 

By Christopher Davis, Content Production Intern

My name is Christopher Davis and thanks to MediaSource I have the wonderful opportunity to explore a career in content production and PR journalism. Technology has always excited me. My interest began through playing video games as a child.  As I got older I became interested in making online videos as well as social media communications. I loved how people were able to express ideas and share them with others around the world. In high school I spent plenty of time watching YouTube videos when I wasn’t studying. I started college as a Computer Science major but, I realized I enjoyed using communication technology more than creating it. I discovered a major in New Media and Communication Technology and knew it was the right fit for me! I changed majors in the middle of Freshman year.

Around the time I switched majors, I also got involved with Ohio Union Television (OUTV), a film and video production club at Ohio State University. Every semester students take on different video production roles such as writer, script supervisor, camera person or editor. Thanks to OUTV I learned some of the basics of storytelling and content production. I was the OUTV Operations Manager during my Junior year of college and I will be returning as a vice-president in the fall of 2015. 

My major deals with the use of technology in the field of communication. For example, the impact of social media on marketing and advertising is a heavy focus in my coursework.  During the school year, I works as a Media Assistant for Ohio State’s College of Education.  In this job, I do a lot of content development for online classes, including video editing and working with professional grade camera equipment.  MediaSource has hired me as part of their content production team, so I hope that I learn new skills that will help me improve my work and capabilities.

One thing that makes me excited to be at MediaSource is the opportunity for professional development experience. The majority of the work I have done until now has boosted my technical skills. But I get along well with people and believe I work best in small environments. At MediaSource I am able to work with a small team of professional individuals who expect me to complete tasks efficiently.  It is refreshing to be around people with innovative ideas. I believe my production skills and people skills will help me with future opportunities.  At MediaSource, I can’t wait to learn more about the field of Brand Journalism. 

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