Our brand journalism team is so excited to welcome a great group of fall interns this semester. Get to know our fall Marketing Intern, Heather Clark, in her first MediaSource blog! Heather is a junior at The Ohio State University and we are thrilled to have her on our team. 

Written by Heather Clark, Marketing Intern

Internships, in general, are vital to presenting myself as a marketable person in interviews after I receive my cap and gown in 2017. Everyone in high school always knew what their passion was, “I’m going to be a nurse”, “I’m going to be a pharmacist”, “I’m going to be a teacher”, and so on. The stress of determining what I wanted to do with my life was beyond overbearing to address at times. What about me, what do I want to do?
From as far as I can remember, I’d always get excited to grab my black and white composition notebook from under my bed and write poems. They would be about the silliest things, from the boy I had a crush on next door to the delicious cookie I had two nights ago. When I realized I could also put words together that didn’t have to rhyme, I spent endless nights trying to write an alternate ending to A Series of Unfortunate Events. 
Looking back at this hobby and pastime, I realized that I do, in fact, have a passion. I love to write. I believe that every person has a voice. The ability we have to express even the simplest idea in our own words is something I like to take advantage of. Now that I’m in my third year of college, I’ve been introduced to the various careers for my passion. I can confidently say that studying strategic communications with a minor in business and professional writing is the right choice for me.
With that being said, after my first day at MediaSource I immediately went back to my apartment and told my roommates how much I truly love this company. The work and content they put together as a team is beyond inspiring. This close-knit, connected group of individuals use their talents to create brand journalism content that reaches an audience on a national level. In addition, the work environment is less like an office and more like a home. Everyone is beyond inviting and excited to start the day together. My experience here will be one like never before and I deeply appreciate the opportunity I am given to work for such an amazing company.
Although starting this internship can be somewhat nerve-racking, I know MediaSource is where I belong right now. I will face challenges and grow professionally in a variety of ways by testing my strengths and defeating my weaknesses. I cannot express enough how thrilled I am to gain knowledge in my field and receive hands-on experience in a marketing position. Working alongside the MediaSource team, I hope to gain mentors and friendships that will inspire my career in the future. Witnessing the philosophy and values of this company, I am certain that is something I will receive. It’s comforting to say I have found my passion and I am so grateful to start this journey with MediaSource to discover further what I am capable of. 

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