Our brand journalism team is so excited to welcome a rock star group of interns this semester. Erin Henry, a junior at The Ohio State University, joins us as our spring Marketing Intern and we are thrilled to have her on our team! Get to know more about Erin in her first MediaSource blog below. 

Written by Erin Henry, Marketing Intern

When beginning my college search I knew there was one requirement my future home had to have: a major sports program. With no surprise to anyone who knows anything about collegiate athletics, I found my place at The Ohio State University.

Growing up in sunny Southern California I was ready to explore a new environment and break completely out of my comfort zone. After checking the weather this morning to find an astonishing 1 degree Fahrenheit I know I have done just this.

Taking risks is not only one of my favorite activities (I love a good adrenaline rush), but also contributes greatly to my spontaneous personality. I love waking up each morning with an agenda full of new experiences and different challenges. I spent my past summer studying abroad in Brazil, where I was able to learn, explore and grow through new experiences like zip-lining into the ocean, trying exotic fruits and living daily life in the rich Brazilian culture.

At Ohio State I have been able to keep each day fresh by becoming involved in many student activities. Currently I have the honor of serving as the Senior Director of Communications for the Undergraduate Student Government where I am tasked with sharing the great accomplishments the organization is achieving on behalf of the students. I am also involved in Delta Delta Delta sorority where I have met lifelong friends and found my love for event planning by serving a term as our Social Events Chairman. I am now the New Member Educator and look forward to welcoming around 70 new young women into our wonderful sisterhood in a few short weeks! Last but definitely not least, I am a member of Student-Alumni Council (SAC) at OSU, an organization that aims to bridge the gap between students past, present and future through different programs and initiatives. Within SAC I am able to help define the culture of the organization by holding the position of Internal Events Coordinator.

Culture is a concept that has always intrigued me. Spending time with locals in the Dominican Republic and Brazil has opened my eyes to foreign cultures and the practices I can add to my own life. This semester I am looking forward to studying intercultural communication in the classroom with my favorite professor. During my first day of my management and human resources course yesterday, my professor was asking us what we value in a job. At the top of my list, there it was, culture. From my short time here at MediaSource I know the culture here is exactly what I am looking for.

Heading into this new adventure at MediaSource I am excited to enter each day with new projects to begin working on and constantly learning about the ever-changing PR, specifically brand journalism, world. The Marketing Intern position and myself is truly a match made in heaven. I am thrilled to be able to pair my strategic communication major and my marketing minor to help bring the firm I have so quickly begun to love to new heights.

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