Our brand journalism squad is so excited to welcome Trevor Thompkins, a senior at The Ohio State University, as our spring Media Relations Intern. But first, get to know more about him in his first MediaSource blog below! 

Written by Trevor Thompkins, Media Relations Intern

As I think about how I ended up accepting an internship with MediaSource as a Media Relations intern, I realize that my path to this point may be different from many others.  I am currently a senior strategic communications major at The Ohio State University, but four short years ago I enrolled at Ohio State as a mechanical engineering student.  As I worked through my first year in engineering, I knew that one day I wanted to work in the automotive industry. However, I quickly learned that my strengths did not align with those of an engineer, so it was time to refocus.

Fast-forward a year and I’m taking my first communications course at the recommendation of my academic adviser.  In this class, I began to realize how broad the communications industry is, and how critical the skills of writing, storytelling and spreading messages are to businesses of all kinds.  I loved the freedom that communications presented: with this one degree I could work in any industry I wanted and create value for my employer with my words and ideas!  With this newfound knowledge under my belt, I declared strategic communications as my major junior year and set out to learn and experience as much as I could in communications, public relations and marketing.

I made it a priority for myself to find new ways to get hands on experience as a professional communicator since picking up the major. That is why I am so excited to be working with MediaSource in my final semester of college.  I am drawn to MediaSource’s style of brand journalism, the idea of un-branding a message and letting expert information and a compelling storyline speak for itself.  Their style embodies the creativity I imagined as I first considered communications.  I look forward to learning from the professionals in this office and being a productive member of the MediaSource team.

Beyond MediaSource, I am from the south suburbs of Chicago and the youngest of two brothers.  My parents have instilled in me the value of education and I consider myself fortunate to be at Ohio State. On campus, I co-manage communications and outreach for the Ohio State EcoCAR team, part of the EcoCAR 3 competition that challenges students at 16 universities across North America to reengineer a 2016 Chevrolet Camaro into a performance hybrid-electric vehicle. I am a member of PRSSA, the Black Advertising and Strategic Communications Association and I have participated in a Buck-I-SERV service trip (which I hope to do again this spring).  I enjoy spending time with friends and family, talking about cars and eating deep-dish pizza. 

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