By Shannon McCormick, Media Relations Manager

For a media relations pro, seeing your stories come to life in the news and knowing your clients are pleased is a win. Yet, it's not the only fulfillment after a hard fought pitch. In our jobs we have daily opportunities to forge new relationships and even make new friends. And I must say, getting to interact with journalists, who are brimming with creativity and witty quips is a joy.  Their jobs are stressful, their time is limited, but it's amazing how many of them take the time to send an amusing response. Of course our recent release about dormant butt syndrome, gives the plenty to work with.

Here are a few of the texts, emails and tweets from journalists:

  • There’s a joke in there somewhere but I’m afraid HR might be listening!
  • Touche! (uh, that’s too-shay. And not tooshie.)
  • This "cracks me up"
  • Happiness is being able to use the phrase "dormant butt syndrome" in your show.

In a business when we are so often focused on life threatening struggles and invaluable cutting edge scientific research, there are no buts about it, the intersection of real wellness information and a little laughter is a welcome variation...and so far, a big success as journalists appreciate it too.

Curious about what this is? Check out our placement on the Today show and The Huffington Post:



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