By Garry Checki, Media Relations Assistant

When a client’s campaign earns one billion in total audience, it’s a huge deal. That one billion audience benchmark is the quantification of countless hours spent planning, producing, coordinating, pitching, and of course, tracking a campaign. An audience benchmark like this can take months to achieve, or as the analytics team at MediaSource saw more recently, it can only take mere hours for a campaign to achieve that one billion audience benchmark. When this is the case and coverage is coming in faster than you can track, it is best to remain calm and keep these tracking tips in mind: 

Find the results now, make them look pretty later.

When a story goes live or an embargo lifts, there will be a lot of results rolling in all at once across various mediums. This time is not the time to worry about the results looking pretty. Your job, first and foremost, is to find accurate results in a high volume and make sure the results are saved in one place. Prioritize your time to find results first, ensure they are accurate results and then worry about filling in the blanks and properly formatting for future reports. 

Syndication, syndication, syndication.

Trying to stay ahead of syndication is like trying to plug a dam after it has already burst. It is already too late to be ahead of the results. Be aware of which outlets an article, airing or interview will syndicate to. This will provide you with the foresight and knowledge of where to expect coverage next and help you manage client’s result expectations for the campaign.

Be smarter than the computer.

Do not rely solely on analytics software to provide you with a full picture of results. Analytics software is far from perfect. More times than not results include duplicate stories, stories with improper accreditation and inaccurate numbers. Go beyond the analytics software and create Google Alerts, use the search feature of news websites, and even pick up a phone and talk to an actual human at a news station if you have to. Put in a little extra effort for the best outcome.

Shortcuts go a long way.

When working with a large volume of results, knowing shortcuts to make hundreds of results have a uniform and organized look is key to saving time and working efficiently. Sort results by market, station or state to make the difference in how long you spend taking the raw results and making them easy to understand interpret by the client and the rest of your team. 

Keep the client up-to-date.

While you may feel like the results will never stop rolling in and you may never leave an excel sheet ever again, eventually there will be a lull in tracking. This down time is the key time to provide a client and your team with a rundown of the early results. It’s an exciting time for everyone who worked on the frontend of the campaign as it goes live, and analytics play a key role in affirming that excitement with quantifiable results.


Tracking one campaign, or even multiple campaigns at once, that reach a billion in total audience can add up fast. So the next time you find yourself flooded with results and attempting to keep your head above water in a metaphorical sea of television, print, web and radio tracking, keep these tips in mind and remember to keep calm and keep tracking. 

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AuthorColleen O'Morrow