Exciting news. This summer our MediaSource crew switched our internship style. Instead of organizing our interns by department, we developed media relations/content hybrid roles to best fit the strengths of our awesome candidates. The change does not only benefit their strengths, but also gives them full exposure to our award-winning brand journalism process. 

We are thrilled to have Ohio State junior, Summer Cartwright, with us this summer. Summer is a great addition to all MediaSource departments and her strong editorial background made her the perfect fit. Get to know more about Summer in her intro blog below! 

Written by Summer Cartwright, Media Relations/Content Hybrid Intern

As I walked up to MediaSource on my first day of interning, one problem posed a major issue to the agenda that I had excitedly planned out in my head the week leading up to it. MediaSource, as we all know, is on Fifth Avenue. However, MediaSource, as I did not know, has a passageway that leads to the entrance. I am calling it a passageway because it literally took me fifteen minutes circling the building to figure out that the solidified door in the front was, in fact, not a test, and the fire exit in the back, was in fact, a fire exit. 

Many cliche sayings went through my head as I finally figured out-- using the knowledge and deductive reasoning skills I have obtained through my twenty years of getting lost at least once a day-- that I had missed it by a foot the very clearly marked entrance by a foot… 

In my head I heard my journalism professor’s voice saying “you just have to get your foot through the door.”

Not to contradict my professor, or any parent giving their recently graduated and unemployed child an inspirational lecture, but finding the door was much harder than walking through it. 

With that anecdote, a new and improved metaphor was born.

Growing up in the age of social media and rapidly advancing technology, it is silly to me to think other people pursue careers in “business” and “education.” While both fields are necessary and super important (so they say), they never struck me to be important when Brian Williams showed up on my TV.

They seemed minuscule when I picked up the New York Times and read an article on my favorite actor, writer or cause. The stories I read and watched were enthralling. The people whom I never met became real to me. Their stories become personal. The writers became role models.

I decided to major in journalism after countless nights spent surfing the web reading story after story, watching video after video and reading book after book. And Ohio State would be the place where I would study this art.

Growing up in Columbus, Ohio, leaving my family and moving fifteen whole minutes away to campus was quite the change. For example, instead of coming into my room each night to check on me, my mom now comes to the coffee shop I work at on campus and stops by for her “much needed” coffee fix. 

Ohio State has given me so many amazing opportunities and MediaSource is one of them. The PRSSA chapter on campus sends emails of job opportunities each week to members. After reading the description of MediaSource, the company immediately stood out to me.

I read two words over and over, but hadn’t heard them in any lecture slide, college textbook or journalism blog post I had read. 

The words were “brand journalism.”

I applied immediately after realizing that this “brand journalism” they speak of sets the company apart from any other PR or media-based company. Brand journalism is what fuels the media industry and helps every field along the way. Journalists, PR reps, producers, consumers and news outlets all in one? It’s like the One Direction of media!!! Although, in brand journalism there is no clear favorite, while in One Direction Harry Styles clearly is. 

Being part of something as big as MediaSource is an incredible gift. MediaSource does everything in an innovative and nontraditional way. Including offering me a hybrid internship position. As a Media Relations/ Content Production Intern I get to explore two fields of journalism that captivate me. Gaining experience in these fields with a company that puts in so much time, dedication and work into everything is going to be incredibly life-changing.
Saying that I am excited to be at MediaSource is an understatement and only the most outrageous, over-done and cute pug puppy GIF could explain how I feel to be here, because I have found the door. 

MediaSource is a content-focused public relations firm that specializes in brand journalism tactics. From news media coverage to consumer video tactics, MediaSource partners with the nation’s top hospitals and corporations to get their message to targeted audiences. MediaSource is best known for delivering brand buzz by amplifying messages across both earned media and company-owned media channels.  


AuthorColleen O'Morrow