By Seamus Kelleher, Digital Content Producer 

You know that horrible feeling of regret you get in the shower after a big argument or important conversation you know could have gone better? That unbelievably clear stream of consciousness that waits to hit you until you’re mid-shampoo, but not sooner? Those moments when you’re firing off perfect point after perfect point in rapid succession, tormented by the irritating notion that, had you just said half of that, things would have certainly turned out differently? You know, #ShowerThoughts? That feeling led me to become a writer.

Let me explain.

I grew up with two attorneys for parents. I also grew up with an overwhelming desire to test their career skills. I considered it necessary to discover firsthand whether or not they were competent lawyers, so I did reasonable things like argue incessantly and attempt to survive the cross-examination that followed whatever most recent mischievous thing I was caught doing. I discovered in time that my parents were, in fact, skilled lawyers, and I was, in fact, an often-grounded child.

It was during one of those dreaded post-argument showers of regret that I realized I needed to alter my approach. I’d have a much better shot coming out ahead against my parents if I could organize my thoughts clearly, prioritize the points I planned to make and address any potential counter arguments before they even had a chance to make them. It seemed the best way to do this would be to present my argument in written form, so that’s just what I did.

I wrote essay after essay disputing my latest punishment. I cited studies arguing the ineffectiveness of grounding on children’s overall behavior. I dabbled with every literary form imaginable to convey my message creatively. I tried it all and, while it rarely did more than solicit a snicker from my parents, my writing gradually became more concise, direct and to the point. My parents noticed it. They reluctantly remarked on this burgeoning ability of mine and responded accordingly— by graciously fostering its further development through increased groundings.

I realized through all of this adolescent unruliness, though, that I not only enjoyed writing, but I really had a knack for it. I’ve continued writing ever since, from my days running a music blog to writing for a major news publication. I’m driven by the idea that the same message can be communicated any number of ways, but that some ways are inherently more effective than others.

As Digital Content Producer at MediaSource, I look forward to the challenge of finding that most effective form of communication every day. The position is a blend of journalism and marketing that affords me the opportunity to leverage my skill set in an extremely unique and rewarding way. Startups, healthcare, copywriting and digital marketing? I couldn’t have written a more enticing job description myself, or picked a more respected agency to work for.

My love of writing that began as a preteen with a penchant for impropriety has only grown. I am so thrilled to be at MediaSource and to keep that love alive.

AuthorSeamus Kelleher