The total audience to date for this campaign is over 665 million people.



Researchers at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center developed a self-administered test, called the "SAGE test," that can help spot early symptoms of cognitive issues such as Alzheimer's disease. Since this test is self-administered, it can be taken virtually anywhere. 

Our goal with this brand journalism campaign was to use earned media to drive company-owned media. 

Our strategy was to start the buzz with high-quality and high-volume news media coverage that would drive consumers to the medical center's website to download the test. Operating in a newsroom style environment, we identified the key elements that would appeal to the news media and offered the story on a Multimedia Newsroom to reporters and editors. 

The response? 

Over one million people downloaded the SAGE test from the hospital's website --- 350,000 in the first two days alone!


Top news media referral sites included outlets such as NBC Nightly News, The Willis Report, and WCBS-TV’s website.  Key online placements included Yahoo! News, The Huffington Post, NBC News Online, CNET and Forbes Online.

Elements were also featured and shared on social media sites which originated on company-owned media channels.

The total audience to date for this campaign is 665 million people.