Brand Journalism
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Trust us to be your brand's personal newsroom– we’ll collaborate with your marketing & PR team to strategically discover the stories that will resonate with your target audience, develop meaningful content and deliver real journalism for your brand that can be leveraged across company-owned and earned media.



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 Brand Journalize Your Content 

After creating hundreds of brand journalism style stories that deliver unprecedented results for our clients, the MediaSource team has developed a proprietary list of criteria to make the story-vetting process easier.


We call it the Brand Journalizer.


This allows us to turn marketing messages into compelling "brand journalized" content that appeals to your target audience and can be shared across multiple platforms.

Brand Journalism:

Discovering and creating news content on behalf of a brand.



How it Works: 

 Brand Journalism

MediaSource Brand Journalizer story vetting criteria:


1. Focus on the audience.

Always consider what the audience cares about and how they will benefit.
It’s not about the organization’s brand, it’s about the organization’s audience.

2. Find a voice.

Find a real person and tell the story through their eyes.

3. Be credible.

Seek tie-ins into a national trend or bigger picture.
Integrating third party stats/facts bolsters credibility.

4. Keep it simple.

No ‘technical talk’, find an expert who can speak the consumer’s language.

5. Think visual.

Find stories with compelling visuals -- a video, photo or graphic is worth a thousand words.

6. Un-brand the content.

Brand Journalism is not brand-centric, but a Brand Journalist’s job includes figuring out how to seamlessly weave in a brand presence.

Still not certain what brand journalism is and how it can deliver results for your organization?

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